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BiggieChance is a gaming site that allows users to join for free, play games, and compete with each other for cash prizes. Users are provided with an equivalent amount of dummy money upon sign up ($10,000), and use this money to play ‘lotto-styled’ games available on the platform.

While playing the games, users will earn profits and incur losses along the way. At the end of every gaming period (30 days or 1 week) , cash prizes will be awarded to the top 30 players who’ve made the most profit on the site. The cash prizes are as follows : $200 (USD) - 1st place, $195 (USD) - second place, $190 (USD) - 3rd place, and so on, up to 30th place.

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How It Works

As users earn profits and incur losses while competing, they are ranked in order, from first place to last place. The metric used to rank players is the profits they earn while playing the games. The player with the highest profits ranks 1st position, followed by the player with the second highest profits and so on. These ranks are displayed on a leaderboard table on the site for everyone to see.

At the end of every 30 days or 1 week, the top 30 players on the leaderboard win cash prizes, $200, $195 and $190 etc. respective of the leaderboard positions.
Bonus cash prizes will also be awarded to other users; for example: User with the highest number of games played may win a cash prize; User with the highest site engagement may also win a cash prize etc.

Cash Prize Payments

At the close of every competing period, the top 30 players will be awarded cash prizes. These cash prizes will be sent to the winners via any payment method they choose (Crypto wallet, PayPal, Bank Transfer etc.)

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